Prior to Cinema, Fromage did its activities around Kyoto, Japan. Fromage's

music was focused on lyrical progressive rock music. Fromage had maintained

its musical activities with some member changes over 10 years since 1978 and

released 2 albums (those are re-released currently as CD). Fromage received

approused from their fans and media, however, to pursue the musical

development, Fromage stopped its activities during 91-93 and re-started as

Cinema in 94. June, 95, Cinema released their first album, did the first

show at TogaToga in Kyoto. 15th September, 96, Cinema did the show at

TogaToga again.

Recently, Cinema has released their second album "Into the State of Flux"

from Belle Antique and the French Progressive lebel, Musea, in 2000. Cinema

did the show at Silverelephant and TogaToga, October 21 and November 11 in

the same year up until now.

the same year up until now.