Fromage Ondine 9458

84-year record release for 94-year CD release

The monument which the opportunity of Japanese Progressive Rock ・ release ・ rush came of like album

The world which Fromage of Kyoto creates is the dream that it was colored by a sensitivity like a naive boy and fancy like lyricism.

Record the demonstration tape of the studio of 'kishibe nonai umi' which was not in the album by the early important great work as a bonus ・ truck!

From marquee

Listen to the sound of fromage once though it takes time a little!

BELLANTIQUE is the album that it makes a start formally as label of marquee.


inspiration philology



color vision night


             kishibe no nai umi    a bonus ・ truck!

Fromage Ophelia 9459

87-year record release for 94-year CD release

It is the album which added the color of the symphony-like lock in the arrangement side by the participation of Ohta of present cinema, Kitamura.

The second base. album in 87 of new fromage which revived perfectly after a big member changed it.

Their lyricism is supposed to touch your heart without changing a little, too.

2 songs of 'thoma' (the original ・ version) and 'seruroidonosora' are appearing for 83 years more than the live show in Kyoto of the legend as a bonus ・ truck.

                               From marquee


the final fortr

naked lady

te no nakano omocyabako

dual fighter

garasu no shiro


     thoma(live version) *a bonus ・ truck!

seruroido nosora(live version)  * a bonus ・ truck!

It can be ordered with the store of the Japanese CD, marquee (03-3954-2055). Make it purchase it by all means, and listen.